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Carlei Wines Sales Statement

– About Online Infringement Sales

Carlei Wines Sales Statement – About Online Infringement Sales

It has recently come to the attention of the Carlei Wine company that the e-commerce platform such as Taobao and their associated merchants who sell the wines with the Carlei brand are doing so without the authorization of our company. This behavior seriously damages the legitimate rights and interests of the Carlei brand and our company.


Please be advised that Carlei Wines have never authorized any company or individual to sell such products at a price lower than the product scanning price through the Internet e-commerce channel in China. Any Australian Carlei wine products sold on a Chinese website at a price lower than the scan price has illegally infringed our rights as per our agreements. Carlei Wines company do not provide any guarantee for its quality, nor does it exclude the possibility of such products being a fake wine. Carlei Wines and its associates are not responsible for all after-sales service and product quality problems of such products and reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Carlei Wines will take action on any party involved in such illegal activity including infringing sales transactions and pursue the seller and the platform, to ensure such listing of products be removed or raise the online sales price to the scan price.

If you see any infringing activity, please feel free to report to us such matters.

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